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  • My latest Capture

    My latest Capture

    For details check my Instagram post

  • Pixinsight WBPP processing issues

    While processing my latest captures from M104 I encountered an issue during processing with Pixinsight. I never had any issues with the WBPP batch-processing, but with M104 all my frames but one were rejected during the WBPP process. Inspection of the frames didn’t show any issues. I tried everything and in the end I was…

  • Mount Modification

    Today I modified the HEQ5 Pro mount with the “Rowan belt modification” This kit replaces the factory spur gear drive train with timing belts.The pulley modification reduces the spur gear errors that are typical andtherefore reduces tracking errors. The belts also make slewing much quitereliminating the ‘grinding’ noise that the standard spur gears produce. It’s…

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