About me….

Hi, welcome on my website. My name is Theo and currently live in Normandy, France.

I have always had a passion for photography, the weather (my weather-station), computers etc.

My professional career steered me also towards seeking more practical and automated tools for my hobbies. But I didn’t had the time at that time to put those in practice.

With my retirement came the time to actually spent some real time for the hobbies.

I never had a specific subject in photography, mostly landscapes and animals. But with the introduction of digital cameras I started more and more to photograph objects in the sky. Although I didn’t call it astrophotography at that time, trying to photograph the moon and later on the milky-way. Just with a tripod and my Canon Camera.

I bought my first “simple” startracker but discovered rather early that: 1) the rotator was not geared up for the weight of my camera and lens, and 2) photographing some deep sky objects, required some better tracking and guiding.

So I stepped up to my first dedicated setup for some real astrophotography. I am still learning by watching a lot of YouTube contributions/tutorials and reading submissions on fora from a lot of very knowledgeable people about gear, software, procedures and processing the data.

I hope you will join me on my journey to explore the sky and return to my website regular.

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